BodyBeat Compact Pulsating Metronome

There are many ways to keep time, from the beeps and clicks of a standard metronome to the time-honored tradition of beating a cowbell with a drum stick. Now there’s a new way to feel the beat. Peterson’s BodyBeat Compact Pulsating Metronome clips to your clothing and emits a small vibration on the beat, allowing performers to internalize the rhythm.

“Research has shown that separate neural pathways to the brain exist for tactile impulses and visible/audible information,” Peterson’s website explains. “Feeling the beat, not having to listen to clicks or look at blinking LEDs makes it much easier to focus on the music and play in correct time.”

The BodyBeat can go from 40 to 216 beats per minute, up to 9 beats per bar, and numerous divisions ranging from quarter notes to 32nd and dotted 16th notes. It also can emit an A440 tone for tuning reference and can be used in traditional audio and visual modes in addition to the pulsating mode.

This new type of metronome opens up a world of creative possibilities for both individual and ensemble practice and performance. For more information on the BodyBeat, visit

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