Airlift Stadium Hardware

Yamaha and Randall May International have teamed up to make life easier for tuba and sousaphone players. The new AIRlift Stadium Hardware stands offer stability and safety for the large instruments.

“The new stands from Randall May International are a game changer,” says Jonathan Goldman, product specialist at Yamaha Winds in a press release. “Educators and performers alike can now focus more on better playing technique rather than holding up the instrument. The simplicity and ease of use of the stands will greatly reduce the chance of damage from both stadium use and music room storage.”

The tuba hardware allows the instrument to be played in the stands. The sousaphone stand caters to marching bands that need to put them down while not playing—it can be adjusted to stand up specifically in bleachers. A series of clamps hold in the instrument without scratching it, and the telescoping tubes feature an air suspension system for easy adjustment.

To help bands purchase more low brass instruments, Yamaha announced the Quality is Affordable campaign, lowering prices on three of the most popular euphonium models and one tuba model. “It’s Yamaha’s way to help out economically as much as we can,” Goldman says. “We know there’s a big crunch with school budgets right now.”

For more information on the AIRlift Stadium Hardware stands and Quality is Affordable program, visit

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