Adams Endurance Field Frame Percussion Rack System

Need a little extra support in your percussion section? Adams Percussion recently released the Endurance Field Frame Percussion Rack System (FFRS) to hold up your drums, cymbals and other percussion accessories.

The durable steel tubes and extra large locking Adams Field Wheels give this rack the ability to navigate safely on uneven outdoor surfaces or quickly through an indoor setting. The sides of the rack feature the Adams Voyager Height Adjustment System, which allows easy adjustment for players of any height. The square accessory bar is slip-free and does not allow clamps to creep or rotate.

The highly customizable Adams FFRS is compatible with distributor Pearl’s ICON rack system accessories and clamps and offers a variety of crossbar lengths and extension arms. It can be built to work as a percussion rig, multi-percussion setup or as a mobile synthesizer or speaker cart.

A variety of clamps and holders for snares, cymbals and bells as well as trap tray for your mallets and small accessories are also available. This summer, Adams also released a new line of protective custom case bags for marimba, xylophones and vibraphones.

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