Crossword: We Can Network It Out

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Halftime Crossword Grid



1. Out in the country
6. From a long  distance
10. “What is it good for? Absolutely nothing” song
13. “Speed Racer” actor Hirsch
14. Gets up
16. Getting from ___ B (2 words)
17. Social networking contacts for band members who play quick tempos? (2 words)
19. Wee little guy
20. Ear-related prefix
21. Morning bugle call
23. Suffix form for twenty and thirty, but not ten
25. “Heidi” author Johanna
27. One-person performance
28. NHL star Jagr
30. Maker of soft footballs
32. Old video game company with blocky graphics
33. County on the Thames
36. Getaway for unwinding
39. Failed to achieve
40. With 34-Down, follower of “On your marks …” (2 words)
41. Take out ___ (ask for financing) (2 words)
43. Folk rocker DiFranco
44. “It takes ___ tango” (2 words)
46. Basketball game venue
47. Where circular breathing may begin
49. The X-Men, as a group
51. Put your name on the dotted line
53. Computer introduced August 12, 1981 (2 words)
56. Letters after a dentist’s name
57. Notes in a chord not played simultaneously
59. Slide down the slopes
61. ___ Fighters (Dave Grohl band)
62. Putting up a picture of only the last note of a band performance? (2 words)
67. Nav. officer
68. Broadcaster
69. Throat malady, for short
70. Letters after Q
71. The Loch ___ Monster
72. Daytime dramas, once


1. Football judger (abbrev.)
2. She was Beatrix in “Kill Bill”
3. “___ for Ricochet” (2004 Sue Grafton novel) (2 words)
4. Mid-range brass instrument, slangily (2 words)
5. Half a set of marching instructions?
6. “Entourage” agent
7. Aflame
8. Ed who voiced a main character in Pixar’s “Up”
9. Licorice twist at a concession stand (2 words)
10. Where all band-related articles eventually appear? (3 words)
11. In any way (2 words)
12. Event with bucking broncos
15. Portland to Las Vegas direction (abbrev.)
18. Singer/songwriter Golan
22. Tel Aviv’s country (abbrev.)
23. Skip dining out (2 words)
24. Report where the solo switches from section to section?
26. Ragu competitor
28. Actress Pinkett-Smith
29. Oven grabbers
31. Down to the last penny
34. See 40-Across
35. Make a lot of noise while stepping
37. Automotive items in stock
38. Insects in a farm
42. Pack dishes, as with a dishwasher (2 words)
45. Check up before a boxing match (2 words)
48. Capitol ___ Bowl
50. Bay Area college (abbrev.)
51. Less dangerous
52. Flattens out laundry, perhaps
54. Pore strips brand
55. Tiny bits
58. Report card number (abbrev.)
60. Rock group with its own “Army”
63. Surgery sites, for short
64. Lyricist Gershwin
65. Back-to-school month (abbrev.)
66. Some printers, by brand


Wait, don’t peek yet. Here come the solutions.


Halftime Crossword Solution


About the Author

Matt Jones is a 1998 graduate of Willamette University in Salem, Ore., where he majored in music education. Since 1994, he has also written crosswords for venues such as The New York Times, Games Magazine and Stagebill. He currently writes a syndicated weekly puzzle for more than 50 alternative newspapers across the country.

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