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Halftime Crossword Grid



1. Parts of Abraham Lincoln costumes
7. “Moby Dick” captain
11. Language for more than 400 million people (abbrev.)
14. From C to C, perhaps
15. Caramel candy brand in a round package
16. Glastonbury ___ (hill in England)
17. University of ___ (home of the Ducks)
18. University of ___ (home of the Golden Buffalo Marching Band)
20. It may cause glare on the field
21. Singer Stewart
23. Like the night when roasting marshmallows, for instance
24. More like leafless trees in winter or empty cupboards
26. City region (abbrev.)
27. Like letters for fraternities and sororities
30. University of ___ (home of the Spirit Marching Band) (2 words)
34. “___ Rock” (Simon and Garfunkel song) (3 words)
35. Get in formation, perhaps (2 words)
36. University of ___ (home of the Redcoat Marching Band)
38. University of ___ (home of the Marching Blazers)
43. Experience again
45. Military marching group
46. University of ___ (home of the Pride of the Southland Marching Band)
50. Rimshot need
51. Colorful Apple of the late 1990s
52. Percussion section’s gear
54. Sci-fi characters who sense emotions paranormally
58. Opposite of NNW (abbrev.)
59. Rowing machine unit
62. University of ___ (home of the Fightin’ Blue Hen Band)
64. University of ___ (home of the Rainbow Warrior Marching Band)
66. Sport ___ (term popularized before “SUV”)
67. Mid-range saxophone
68. It carries a lot of dust near the chalkboard
69. 6, for a touchdown
70. Astin of “Lord of the Rings”
71. High school in “Grease”


1. Disses the performers
2. Tan pantyhose shade
3. Two fives for ___ (2 words)
4. Scott Joplin song
5. “New World” Symphony composer Antonín
6. Mister, in Mexico
7. Curved formation
8. Part of a zebra’s foot
9. “It’s ___ ever wanted!” (2 words)
10. Rude person
11. Latin phrase seen after a list of people (2 words)
12. Message seen when hitting play on some empty CD players (2 words)
13. Sea cave
19. Typical marking on a pirate map signifying, “Here’s the treasure” (2 words)
22. “No” and “It ain’t gonna happen,” for instance
24. Paddington, for one
25. Stimpy’s smarter half
27. Jazz band’s event
28. Singer Corinne Bailey ___
29. My Chemical Romance’s genre
31. Blanket makers, maybe
32. Stubborn animal
33. Air quality watchdogs (abbrev.)
35. Avoids being truthful
37. Standardized test given before working toward a Ph.D., maybe
39. Cinnamon ___ (bakery items)
40. Santa ___ winds
41. Orbital station that broke up in 2001
42. Consumed
44. Past tense form of the suffix -y
46. Extremely busy (2 words)
47. Dr. Brown’s first name, in “Back to the Future”
48. Opera singer Enrico Caruso’s birth city
49. March Madness organization
50. Like lipstick on a hot day, maybe
53. R&B singer with the album “Raymond v. Raymond”
55. “___ the night before Christmas …”
56. Actress Lucy of “Pretty Little Liars”
57. Miss, in Madrid (abbrev.)
59. Effortlessness
60. Cambodian currency
61. “American ___” (Tom Petty song)
63. Looooooonnnnng time period
65. Roll of cash


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Halftime Crossword Solution


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