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Halftime Crossword Grid



1. It’s “all you need,” in a Beatles song
5. “I’ve figured it out!”
8. Some marching instruments
13. Opera highlights
15. Minor
16. Anticipate
17. Impudent marching group? (2 words)
19. Designer Oscar de la ______
20. The one looking at this puzzle
21. Monopoly card
23. Jeremy Piven’s “Entourage” role
24. Diesel on the big screen
27. Competition judge that
looks like that actress from “The Wizard of Oz” (changing I to Y)?
30. Wedding vow response (2 words)
31. NYC airport relatively close to JFK (abbrev.)
32. Knack for music
33. Band ______
35. Birds on a ranch Down Under
38. Air quality problem
41. Mid-game performances that make the crowd sorta sleepy (changing M to R)? (3 words)
44. Unwritten type of exam
45. One type of power utility (abbrev.)
46. Enlist for another tour (hyph.)
48. “That’s neither here ___ there”
50. “Am ___!” (“Are not!” retort)
52. Zero, in European soccer games
53. Severe marching teachers (changing U to I)?
58. Place for pigs
59. Body art, slangily
60. Auction site that owns PayPal
61. “The Raven” initials
63. Blot on a shirt
65. Instrument full of witty comebacks (changing E to K)? (2 words)
70. Orlando NBA team
71. Brownish M&M color
72. Blazing
73. Cow on the Borden label
74. Button on some cell phones
75. Best Original ___ (Golden Globe category)


1. Place for experimenting
2. Hockey legend Bobby
3. By means of
4. “No sweat!”
5. Abbreviation on a “Wanted” poster
6. Native resident of India, maybe
7. Augmented
8. Actual dollar bills, as opposed to credit (2 words)
9. Come up short
10. Sprinted toward (2 words)
11. Prefix before “glycerin”
12. Escalator part
14. Low sandbar
18. Yearly expenses for band gear, for example
22. Hurricane center
24. ___ Firth (maker of cymbals and sticks)
25. Oregon’s neighbor
26. Former Dodgers player Garciaparra
28. Kennedy of “Malibu’s Most Wanted”
29. Knight wear?
34. It may use chlorophyll
36. It usually starts with www.
37. Take care of (2 words)
39. Part of the NFL initials T.O.
40. What an astronaut wears while floating around (hyph.)
42. Singer backed by The Machine
43. Point earner in a game
47. Paper towel layer
49. Bone that allows expansion as you breathe in
51. Site of Japan’s first 24-hour airport
53. “Who’s there?” response (2 words)
54. Birth-related
55. Male deer
56. Social division
57. Irish Tenor Ronan
62. Some printable files (abbrev.)
64. 3, in Roman numerals
66. Furthermore
67. Setting for the 2016 Summer Olympics
68. Decorative vase
69. “Family Guy” daughter


Wait, don’t peek yet. Here come the solutions.


Halftime Crossword Solution


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