Crossword: Get Well Soon

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Halftime Crossword Grid



1. “___ little teapot …” (2 words)
4. Policemen
8. Italian automobiles
13. Bread at an Indian restaurant
14. Tortoise’s fabled opponent
15. Bruce Wayne’s butler
17. Where musicians may start to feel feverish? (3 words)
19. Italian Winter Olympics city, to the Italians
20. It’s said while raising your glass in a toast
21. Dallas NBAer, for short
22. Body part in “The Lion and the Mouse”
23. With skill
24. What a doctor would need to write completely for permission? (2 words)
27. Michigan’s ___ Canals
28. ___ Ed (class that incorporates sports (abbrev.)
29. Sing from the mountaintops
30. Suffix after iso-
32. Coffee cup edge
33. Go bad
34. The important parts of permission slips from your doctor, for authentication? (2 words)
39. Freddy’s street
40. Drink cooler
41. They used to be married
43. Alphabetical five-some
46. Takes advantage of
47. Post- opposite
48. What the doctor schedules for part of your day? (2 words)
50. Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist
51. Abbreviation at an airport terminal
52. “___-Man Fever (1980s hit)
53. Honeydew and cantaloupe, for instance
55. “In this current state …” (3 words)
57. Non-synthetic vitamin complex to help you get better? (2 words)
59. Stately dance lending its name to a Fauré work
60. Musical finale
61. End of most university web sites
62. Salad-grabbing tool
63. Console that included Super Mario World, for short
64. Coffee size (abbrev.)


1. Healing from broken bones, perhaps (3 words)
2. Algebra text, for example (2 words)
3. Deer partner, in “Home on the Range”
4. “Believe” singer
5. Granola ingredient
6. Paid athlete
7. Back-to-school month (abbrev.)
8. Deadly
9. Valentine’s Day sentiment (3 words)
10. Continent where the banjo originated (abbrev.)
11. Camera stand
12. Capitol Hill gang
16. Wooden rod
18. “Over here!”
21. Rapper ___ Def
24. William Henry Harrison’s political party
25. Writer of church music, perhaps
26. ___ Dame (home of the Fighting Irish)
28. Prudish
31. “___ the Tiger (“Rocky” song) (2 words)
33. Rural roads (abbrev.)
35. Drinking soup in a not-so-quiet way
36. Cards with one spot
37. Dora, for one
38. Sing to someone on the second floor, for instance
42. Colorful but slimy-sounding underwater gastropod (2 words)
43. In ___ (piled up) (2 words)
44. Nags (2 words)
45. Pop-classical singing quartet formed by Simon Cowell (2 words)
46. California’s home of the Trojans (abbrev.)
49. Simplifies
50. Cause of some aches
53. Created
54. Greek vowels that look like an H
56. Skip the bronzer
57. ___ National Championship Game (college football playoff game)
58. Restaurant seating alternative to “smoking,” before smoking bans


Wait, don’t peek yet. Here come the solutions.


Halftime Crossword Solution


About the Author

Matt Jones is a 1998 graduate of Willamette University in Salem, Ore., where he majored in music education. Since 1994, he has also written crosswords for venues such as The New York Times, Games Magazine and Stagebill. He currently writes a syndicated weekly puzzle for more than 50 alternative newspapers across the country.

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