Crossword: BCS Bowl Songs?

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Halftime Crossword Grid



1. Gets to the top of the tree?
7. Baby’s bed
11. “Don’t tase me, ___!” (2007 catchphrase from a viral video)
14. Get in formation, perhaps (2 words)
15. Sit for a portrait
16. It expands out when breathing from the lungs
17. 1988 R.E.M song for the Bowl Series? (2 words)
19. Poem full of praise
20. Skip the bronzer
21. “Well, ___-di-dah!”
22. “Where did they go?” response, perhaps (2 words)
24. Aired on TV a second time
26. Like 2, 4, 6 and 8
27. Mountain range through Chile
30. Czech play where the word “robot” came from
32. Map within a map
35. Saxophone mouthpiece part
36. Money, slangily
38. Game with a “Skip” card
39. Apr. 15 nemesis
40. Boxing stats (abbrev.)
41. Berlin’s country (abbrev.)
42. “I’ll ___ you my pretty … and your little dog too!”
43. Drink suffix after Gator or Power
44. ___ pentameter (metric form of poetry)
46. The Dalai ___
47. Sung line to a song
49. Where a trombonist’s muscles are worked out
50. Actress Streep of “It’s Complicated”
51. Type of torch at a Hawaiian party
53. Spine-tingling
55. Sentence-ending dots
58. “That’s neither here ___ there”
59. ___ loss for words (2 words)
62. Panic at the Disco genre
63. 2001 R. Kelly/Jay-Z song for the Bowl Series? (2 words)
66. Morning times (abbrev.)
67. Weather conditions that make it tough to see while you’re marching
68. “___ Tender (Elvis song) (2 words)
69. Bread for a reuben
70. Marsh of “South Park”
71. Philadelphia university whose dragon mascot is Mario the Magnifice


1. Form a scab
2. Italian currency, before it changed to the euro
3. ___ instant (2 words)
4. “Mad ___” (AMC series)
5. Corps horns
6. Long, pointy weapon that’s thrown
7. First aid skill that may require certification
8. Disastrous defeat
9. “___ Really Going Out with Him?” (Joe Jackson single) (2 words)
10. The way you act
11. 1971 Rolling Stones song for the Bowl Series? (2 words)
12. “Right Round” rapper Flo ___
13. Follow the rules
18. Magnetic appeal that bands can show off
23. Perfect score
24. Cardinal ___ and white (University of Arkansas’s school colors)
25. “The Sound of Music” extra
27. Sans serif font packaged with Windows
28. Like band geeks, stereotypically (but not in real life!)
29. 1999 Sting song for the Bowl Series? (2 words)
31. Numbered Marine Corps division
33. Opposing forces
34. Result after tallying up scores
36. ___ good deed (2 words)
37. Button on a DVR
40. Football game starters
45. “America’s Next Top Model” finalist Scullark
46. Director Spike
48. The square root of IX
50. It was asked “Who’s the fairest of them all?” in “Snow White”
52. “American ___” (2004 Green Day album)
54. Author Dahl who brought us Willy Wonka
55. Fruit in fruit cocktail, sometimes
56. TV award won by Fleetwood Mac performing with the USC Trojan Marching Band
57. Sonic the Hedgehog’s former home
59. Visa or MasterCard alternative, for short
60. Word before signature or management
61. “___ F” (“Beverly Hills Cop” song popularly played by bands)
64. 123-45-6789, for example (abbrev.)
65. “What Are You Doing New Year’s ___?”


Wait, don’t peek yet. Here come the solutions.


Halftime Crossword Solution


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