Crossword: “Band Lit?”

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Halftime Crossword Grid



1. Chest muscle, for short
4. Wicker furniture material
10. Longtime rapper rival of Jay-Z
13. “___ making myself clear?” (2 words)
14. “Attract”ive X-Men villain played by Ian McKellen
15. From ___ Z (the whole thing)
(2 words)
16. Mary Shelley horror
classic about band
18. Good buddy
19. Cupcake topping
20. Wavering tonal quality,
in singing or playing
22. William Golding novel
about band formations?
(4 words)
25. Abu Dhabi’s country
26. Bullfighting cheer
27. With “The” and
39-Across, Shakespeare
play about bands?
33. “The Wind in the
Willows” character
with a former Disneyland
“Wild Ride”
(2 words)
36. Like baths you have to
wait for to cool down
(2 words)
37. Egyptian “father of the
gods” (hyph.)
38. Jazz instrumentalist who
uses mallets, slangily
39. See 27-Across (2 words)
41. Columbus Day’s month
42. “Here we go looby ___
…” (kids’ song)
43. Emily Brontë novel about
a band section?
51. Fred of “Saturday Night Live”
52. Far from sleepy
53. Alternative to JFK when
flying into NYC
54. Hermann Hesse novel
about bands on the
58. Hawaiian necklace
59. Pencil ends
60. “That was way more
than I needed to know”
61. “Ed, ___ n Eddy”
(2000s cartoon series)
62. Flavoring supplies at
coffee bars
63. Louisville Slugger, for


1. Golf average
2. Messages that get forwarded (hyph.)
3. Number after cuatro
4. 2011 animated Johnny Depp movie
5. Eric Holder and Janet Reno, for two (abbrev.)
6. Explosive stuff
7. Chew on a ring, like a baby
8. “How to change ___” (automotive article) (2 words)
9. “Thanks, I don’t want
any” (3 words)
10. French emperor with the last name Bonaparte (2 words)
11. “___ of Two Cities” (2 words)
12. Plays by oneself?
14. Fix
17. French white wine cocktail (anagram of IRK)
21. “Paradise Lost” author John
23. Amusement
24. Word before “You’re it!”
27. “Jersey Shore” network
28. “Naruto” villain (found in Taoism)
29. The Jetsons’ Rosie or Richie Rich’s Irona, for example (2 words)
30. Repetitive word meaning “frilly and ornamental”
31. Women who throw
32. Cousin on “The Addams Family”
33. Dallas NBA player, for short
34. Free throw path
35. “Lost” actor Daniel ___ Kim
39. Suffix after “buff” or
40. Forecast that makes it
tough to see
42. In a straight formation
43. 2008 Pixar movie with no speech for the first 25 minutes (hyph.)
44. Provoked
45. Attempt once more
46. They may stand on end when scared
47. Takes control of
48. Like sushi
49. Donnie Wahlberg’s
former boy band, for
50. Starting city of a famous Martin Luther King march
55. Home campus of the
Nittany Lions, for short
56. ___ band (band that plays at rallies)
57. Go together, like a jigsaw piece


Wait, don’t peek yet. Here come the solutions.


Halftime Crossword Solution


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Matt Jones is a 1998 graduate of Willamette University in Salem, Ore., where he majored in music education. Since 1994, he has also written crosswords for venues such as The New York Times, Games Magazine and Stagebill. He currently writes a syndicated weekly puzzle for more than 50 alternative newspapers across the country.

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