Marching on Ice

Photo courtesy of Boston College Bands

Soggy fields, dusty tracks and sweltering pavement have given band members plenty of memorable marching moments, but few can talk about marching on … ice!

The Boston College Marching Band from Chestnut Hill, Mass., has started a tradition of performing on the ice for the college’s national champion men’s hockey team.

“Eagles on Ice is a modified version of our football pre-game performance,” says David P. Healey, band director. “The concept was proposed by the coach of our men’s hockey team, Mr. Jerry York, who is a great supporter of our band.”

“Initially, we were concerned that Coach york expected the band to skate on the ice, which would guarantee a highly entertaining event, but it would certainly not be at the level of proficiency we would prefer,” Healey adds. “Fortunately, Coach York intended for us to march with ice cleats during the performance.”

The January 2008 debut performance of Eagles on Ice was so well received by students, alumni and community members that an encore performance took place in the 2009 season.

Other bands known to march on ice include Brown University, a scatter band that actually does skate during its show, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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